Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winter and Spring~冬そして春


Here is a picture of the glow of a sunrise. It was so beautifully pink that I took pictures. The trees are bare of leaves in winter like this, but these trees are full of green in spring.

a beautiful morning glow in winter

my back yard, full of green in spring

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birds in my back yard ~庭を訪れる小鳥たち



Amanda, my English teacher, recommended hanging a birdfeeder in my back yard. There are many kinds of feed for birds. One of them, "suet," is fat with seeds in it. It attracts birds; it was very interesting for me to learn about it. There is a bird on the feeder; it is a woodpecker. She loves suet. Please enjoy Buffalo's birds!



The first time I saw a goldfinch, I was moved by his beautiful, bright color.


初めて見たときの感動は忘れられません。小さくて本当にかわいらしい! たまたま庭にいた私の頭上で羽根をばたつかせていたときはハチが飛んできた音かと勘違い・・

I was very moved when I saw a hummingbird for the first time. They are really cute!  When I was in my back yard, I heard a sound like a bee. Actually, it was not bee; it was the sound of the hummingbird flapping its wings.



The cardinal is very beautiful. They are here year-round. He often visited his favorite place in a tree in my back yard. Do you know that male birds are more beautiful than female birds?


何といってもハイライトはブルーバード。童話の中にだけいると思っていた私。この目で見れるとは思ってもいなくてカメラを構える手が震えたのでした。仕事中の夫は見れず・・わずか3日間だけ、4羽のブルーバードが来てくれて、その後姿を消しました。一緒にいたアマンダも人生で 初めて見たと感動していました。私はなんてラッキーなのでしょう!

The highlight of my bird story is the bluebird. I couldn't believe it because I thought that blue birds were only in fairy tales. I took their pictures with my shaking hands. My poor husband has never seen them, because he works in the daytime. They (two couples) visited here for only three days. Amanda told me that this is the first time she saw them in her life. I was so lucky!



The contrast of black and orange is very beautiful. Orioles are also very rare! The oriole nectar recipe is 1 part white table sugar to 6 parts water, while hummigbird nectar is 1:4. Orioles are attract to orange.

チカディ (Chickadee)

チカディは、その鳴き声から名前が付いていて、耳をすますと本当に”チカディ、チカディ、ディ、ディ、ディ" と鳴きます。とってもかわいらしい鳴き声です。

Chickadees' voices are very cute. Their names are from their song. They sing, "Chicakdee, chickadee."

アメリカンロビン (American Robin)


Amanda's great-grandmother said, "Three snows in the robin's nest before spring." That means that after you see the first robin after winter, it is going to snow three more times, and then it will be spring. We don't see snow on the grass, so it must be spring.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Beautiful Nature in Buffalo ~ 豊かな自然を持つバッファロー


Here is a gaggle of geese crossing the road in front of my house. We need to wait until they finish crossing. This is something that I don't see in Japan.